Foster Home Application

Please complete all fields. If not applicable, mark field with N/A. Do not leave any field blank.

To ensure our cats are placed in good foster homes, please allow us ample time to process your application. Completion of this application does not guarantee fostering of any pet. References will be checked. Kindred Cat and Kitten Rescue has the right to decline any application based on the information provided herein. Some foster homes may require a home inspection before final approval. By filling out this application you agree to all Kindred Cat and Kitten Rescue requirements.

If the online form is not working, bellow is the PDF and DOCX version of the application for download. Send completed documents to Kylie at

In order to be approved to foster for Kindred Cat and Kitten rescue, all animals in your home must be vaccinated against rabies.

Please consult your veterinarian about fostering. They may recommend additional vaccinations to protect your pets.

By providing this information you agree to allow us to contact your veterinarian/clinic as a part of our foster screening. Please contact your veterinarian/clinic to authorize your veterinarian/clinic to release any relative information and records to a representative of our rescue.

We verify veterinarian records for any pets currently or previously in your care. We require to speak with your Landlord if you are a renter.

By signing this application I certify the information provided on this application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I also understand that falsified information or significant omissions will disqualify me from further consideration as a foster home of a Kindred Cat and Kitten Rescue animal. I also agree to a home inspection at any time by a Kindred Cat and Kitten Rescue representative.